The Numbers.

The foundation of the system is derived from the following squaring of base 10 coupled with the classic numerological process of cross addition formalized as n+ e.g.


The rule was once observed that ‘the highest incarnation of a number is itself multiplied by itself’. The accretion of this rule was taken to heart and thus derives results even though the accretion itself is of course contingent and the term ‘highest incarnation’ subject to incoherentism. (Refer to the Tractatus for the understanding of these terms).

When these rules are applied the number system shows itself to be made up of these numbers only:


2=4=(16)+=7=(49)+=(13)+=4 and will repeat this endlessly thus we write 4v7








Thus from this perspective, taking this rule as truth, the highest manifestation of the numbers is 1, and oscillation of 4v7 and 9.

The wary observer will be aware that all of this is contingent upon base 10 and can represent nothing greater than this one numerical perspective. What must be understood in the light of the Tractatus is that the accretion of base 10 is very powerful, and thus whilst contingent in one sense, in another is the only thing worth working with to generate further connections with this world.

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