Emanating down out of a nothingness, a sound/light that is consciousness but not self consciousness. The energy crosses the loving power of the opening door and forms Tipareth where the great paths cross. The moon is its symbol. A thin line, silvery (obviously influenced by the moon thing). She is the priestess because the guards the greatest mystery. It is a tear drop of Kether which becomes 4 in Tike-reph. What is squaring? The triangle at the pinnacle is just one. 1 becomes 4 and seven simultaneously. This is demonstrated by the mystery of 11. Two 1s become 2, which squares to 4, the second one is of course Malkuth, they make the dual oneness. Once 4 is reached, 4 and 7 oscillate forever more, and the circuit moves forever also. The priestess of the tarot accretion is 2 and the wheel is 11, this demonstrates this doctrine.

Even 1s attempt to be only 1 is thwarted by its own action which results in its repetition. Kether is in Malkuth, Malkuth is in Kether. 1[1].1[1].


The Circle.

The circle as shown in the sketch here is another major pathway in the Chabbalach -along with the circuit. This linkage does not have the numerical necessity but rather only has that necessity that is allowed it from the contiguity of the paths mentioned. The accretive force is now required to solidify this. The story of the powers involved can be told, this helps this process.

The pure sound emits from Kether, undifferentiated from light, the naivety of the fool, Khaokmah is the word, the Hierophant must interpret the word and solidify it. Chesed is the God as the figure in the sky, the reified accretion of God. This God gives death, for the solidity of it is against its true nature -note also its crucified nature extending down into the hanged man. Death is the manifestation of the Hierophant’s word, the scripture dogmatised (of course this is not the whole truth of death. This death degrades into the desire (Netzach) of the last judgement as the release from the reign of death. The kingdom is this release. But the first manifestation of the release is a different kind of solidification, the Saturnian solidification of matter, which is one manifestation of substance. This Saturnian process releases from death only insofar as all things continue in their substantial nature despite ephemeral death. The comprehension of this level is rationalism of Hod. This rationalism cannot move beyond the informational processing of the physical and from Nihilism the Devil rears. For now the God is dead, the earth may triumph. The manifestation of the earth is seen to be beyond the power or the rational to control. The doctrine which asserts itself against this is Will. The passions of the Devil must be controlled by Will if the manifestations of earthly power cannot be curtailed. We can control ourselves at least. This supplies the ray of hope that is the Star. The controlled will as it emanates into the holy female power Binah makes it whole, it is the light within the dark. The wisdom that has passed through Binah (the reply) is the wisdom of the wise (Hermes) or the Magician who seeks to ascend into the Ketheric purity.image

Khaokmah’s voice.

Is the word. The sound is before it. Adhu is one of the words. Ad is the word to Binah. Binah is the responder, the response is love and lust. Tiphareth is the conversation between the two. Another manifestation of the child who grows to be the God in Chesed (Zeus) and whose avatar descends in the hanged man (christ/dionysus). But Tiphareth is before Chesed. Tiphareth is the light that makes the sky possible.

Cross Addition

The Numerical system and the reduction that squaring and cross addition performs upon it.

The foundation of the system is derived from the following squaring of base 10 coupled with the classic numerological process of cross addition formalized as n+ e.g.


The rule was once observed that ‘the highest incarnation of a number is itself multiplied by itself (ignore this kind of language in this instance)‘. The accretion of this rule was taken to heart and thus derives results even though the accretion itself is of course contingent and the term ‘highest incarnation’ subject to incoherentism. (Refer to the Tractatus for the understanding of these terms).

When these rules are applied the number system shows itself to be made up of these numbers only:


2=4=(16)+=7=(49)+=(13)+=4 and will repeat this endlessly thus we can write 4v7








Thus from this perspective, taking this rule as truth, the highest manifestation of the numbers is 1, and oscillation of 4v7 and 9.

The wary observer will be aware that all of this is contingent upon base 10 and can represent nothing greater than this one numerical perspective. What must be understood in the light of the Tractatus is that the accretion of base 10 is very powerful, and thus whilst contingent in one sense, in another is the only thing worth working with to generate further connections with this world.


Cross addition and the problem itself.

Cross addition ((123)+=6) suggests the possibility of a relation, indeed says that under certain condition (a particular base) there is a relation between a number higher than the highest single integer and one of the single integers. The general impression would be that this is in a sense arbitrary or at least meaningless. What has 53 e.g. got to do with 8? Very little other than the cross addition relationship.

What is truly fascinating is the that the squares of 4 and 7 give numbers whose cross addition then has a demonstrable reality in a triangle comprised of units 1 at the top 3 on the next line down, then 5, 7 and so on.

Triangles of this kind of unit construction are remarkable as they also provide squares. The number that will be squared is the height of the triangle. So if I have a triangle of 2 height, the total number of units in the triangle will be 4, if 3 it will be nine and so on.

The relation to the issue of cross addition is as follows. If I have a triangle of a height of 4, necessarily it will be comprised of 16 units. The base however will be 7 units(1+6). There is one relation uncovered here for the base will always have the relation to the height 2n-1. If the height is 12 the base is 23 and so on.

The second relation that is more interesting to us here is the one concerning squares. Squares of 4s and 7s even of cross addition ones will always reduce to 7s or 4s respectively but the base seems to often (though not always) reveal a relation between the number itself, the square and the cross addition of the square.

These are the most concrete examples:

4 becomes 16 becomes 7 (the base units of 4)

7 becomes 49 becomes 13 (the base units of the 7 triangle) becomes 4

These require a tweak to make them work but are still quite convincing.

13 becomes 169 becomes (curiously by preserving the first two digits as a whole number) 16+9=25 is the base number.

16 becomes 256 becomes 31 (by the same logic above) which is the base number and also reduces to 4.

22 becomes 484 and a similar logic derives the base. This time we extract 40 and add 8+4=12=3, re-add them and we have 43, the base number.

31 gives us 961, if we cross out the 9 for 9=0 in base 10 cross addition we immediately have the base number again.

It doesn’t always work though…

25*25=625=13=4, or course the 7/4 transformation is preserved but the base relation is not. The base would be 49 and 625 does not have a relation to it. And no doubt there are others.



But how can a supposedly arbitrary number like 13 that has no relation to 4 in itself (as base 10 is arbitrary) have this level of necessary connection?


The lower part of the first descending great path.  This is difficult because a glance at the structure reveals that the great paths look quite whole and the relation of how they forum the 4 and 7 is not quite clear. As such we should try to look up from Chesed to see it.

I can see little but predetermined colours -by the Crowley card. Its number is 9, which creates a link between Mercury. There is a nothingness at work here.  Solar light. The sun radiates down, so maybe Tiphareth has not vanished. I am aware of its necessary presence, it is the connections that elude me. The serpent is fairly clear. The other end near the lovers looks blue. This all I can manage


Sphere Colour Reinforcement and Musings.


This is the colour scheme we wish to psychically accrete. As I pondered and tried to perceive this flow I became aware of one of those strings of nonsense that are often apparent to occult reverie. The three upward 45 degree left hand side paths (two of which form halves of great paths)  are the Hero, the Hermit and Magus. Of course the Magus is Mercury which is Hermes, so I feel entitled to substitute Magus for Hermes (by hypothetical syllogism :).

This makes triple Her-o, Her-mit, Her-mes. The triple goddess is displayed herein but look deeper within the accretion and its denial of the feminine. All these male powers are linearly conceived by Her and they display their denial with the code therein. O from Hero, mit, from Hermes, they try to omit Her. This applies to the two from the great paths as they are within the circuit. Her-mes is outside of the circuit and hence of a different order.

The parallel paths are of interest. The Tower is parallel to the Hero, a rising destruction and a sinking Hero. Lust is parallel to the Hermit, which gives an immediate intuitive truth (the ascetic and the hedonist). Lust is sinking the Hermit is rising.  Lastly there is the Fool and the Magus. Again the dichotomy of one Apollonian figure and one Dionysian is clearly apparent.