The patterns of 2n+n

The realm in which we’re playing must look both ways, it must accept all ways. The Chabbalach has taken a way and the work seeks to make a pneuminous accretion of it, one of power. Yet the methods involved mean that the pattern of 2n-1 has been priveleged based upon mathematical suggestion of relevance and reflection of the importance of the connection of 4 and 7 (which it embodies).

There are of course other realms all of which can be used. A particularly magickal looking pattern emerges in 2n+n. It has the suggestion of the pentagram which turns one point into a further triangle which points back in to the structure. When the triangle is above it reminds strongly of a given symb0l which we named the Manhorcan many years ago.cropped-cropped-cards-5.jpg

This is the Manhorcan or at least the central symbol in red/maroon. The silver/grey part shows it open. The Manhorcan is a gateway, this is its accretion. It has links to Ra-Hoor-Khuit (Man-Can-a-Hawk-Be).

These are the patterns for 1-9 (it will only repeat the same in this base beyond that).