Connecting Hypotheses

It is impossible to separate the accretion of the Habbalah from the network of the 23 Burroughs, Anton Wilson Sirius axis. The lines of power connect them utterly.

It is of course true that (as they are sequential) 2 and 3 appear at the top of the structure. They are separate from 4 and 7 as 4 and 7 make the oscillating centre of the structure yet other connecting forces are at play here.

One accretive formation is that of 2 and 3 being the primordial 4 and 7. According to 2n-1 of course this makes sense. 4 being the square of 2 (the higher incarnation in Willis’ accretive language). So when 2(2)-1=3 2(4)-1=7.

As such this is the way we would like to treat them. Possibly 2 and 3 are cosmic to the locality of 4 and 7 or 4v7 as it is more properly written.

Interestingly in the bizarre madness of this realm, I was this second considering that maybe Pluto as a representative for Kether might be better replaced by Sirius and then in the second thought reminded that of course in Disney Pluto was in fact a DOG.


So here it is. This is how I think the western alphabet would fall on a extra path amended tree. It needs looking at futher clearly and possibly the other version with the 0 in the middle also needs drawing out and considering.

Neat is how 23 lands on W (2 points down, 3 up)


Alphabeth solution

But because that looks like an unwieldy accretion to form, maybe this would be better. Then the problem of the extra sephiroth is avoided and there is still 26 paths. It does have the problem of having very little to do with any pattern that I have derived from the maths. One needs a line of power to connect these things.


The Possibilities of the Alphabet

New possibilities become available to me that I had not seen before. If we use the shape found in the patterns of 2n+n then we create 4 new paths upon the Chabbalach (or whatever it would become). The invitation is of course the space for the paths of the western alphabet. I’m not sure that this can be turned down. The original paths would obviously remain. What would the midpoint be though? Zero seems the obvious choice, 4 and 7 in this way would manifest straight out of the zero, this would work nicely with the accretion and its placing of them as the driving power in numbers. Though actually all numbers bar one would have a direct link to zero.



Samekh, Yod, Resh, Yod, Vav, Samekh = 60, 10, 200, 10, 6, 60 =346-13=4

Yet more interestingly Sirius in regular english numerology is 1+9+9+9+3+1=32 a clear signal from the unknown to the 23 connection!!!

Everybody knows Star Trek took the 47 thing from the Pomona college  grad writers. What everybody doesn’t know is that I had caught the 47 thing independently to Star Trek (though conceivably I could have picked up on it subconsciously but then I wasn’t a massive Star Trek fan) and ran with it into all kinds of interesting number relations (documented on earlier posts).

There is a complex-accretion here very clearly.

47 Star Trek

47 Silver atomic number

Argentum Astrum -A Crowleyite order (silver star)

Sirius -the star which the order refers to

23.5 is half 47 and the addition of 0.5 is clearly permitted according to the law of fives.

2n-1 makes it such that 12=23 and 24=47 (2n-1 being the formula by which the pyramid of space is shown and the Chabbalach (which itself is 23)



Let us pursue some of this. 4 7 is daleth zayin: a door and a sword, a fairly clear female male opposition. 47 is (more properly zayin mem. Water and sword, which contains a similar kind of polarity. 474 is daleth, ayin, tav or a symbol eye door which suggests to me the symbol when seen is a door.

“47: This book shall be translated into all tongues: but always with the original in the writing of the Beast; for in the chance shape of the letters and their position to one another: in these are mysteries that no Beast shall divine. Let him not seek to try: but one cometh after him, whence I say not, who shall discover the Key of it all. Then this line drawn is a key: then this circle squared in its failure is a key also. And Abrahadabra. It shall be his child & that strangely. Let him not seek after this; for thereby alone can he fall from it.”


That is, it reminds me of my interpretation of this section of the book of the law. The original writing of the beast is a joke, for the beast is man himself and thus it cannot be outside of its original writing; the emphasis on Crowley’s transcription is a wild goose chase. The reference is too how the symbolic itself is a key, the symbol attaches to the matter it tries to symbolise through the accretive power of the assimilator and the pneuma.

Is this right? No of course not for Crowley flatly denies it by saying that no Beast shall divine it. This clearly contradicts the Beast as man theory. Yet still I am drawn to this interpretation…


We must be bold. As all is pneuminous assemblage all must be altered. There will be a role for both though. The second tetragrammaton is thus:


Which is IcHVcH. Its numerical value is 32 or 23 depending on whether you count the ten denomination of Yod. My hebrew is bad to non-existent but I think there is the possibility that Chet still has some kind of simple H value. The Tetragrammaton has in this way spread out along a pneumatic line from He to cHeth.

The numerical result shows we are on the right track for this system. Both Tetragrammaton’s show themselves by another line as belonging to the essence of 4 and 7 for if we remove both He’s or cHeth’s the resemblance to IV (4) is now startling. What is more in the case of both the  IcHVcH  and the IHVH the absence of the two cHeth’s or the absence of the two He’s leaves a remainder which equals 7, thus the 4 and the 7 belong to the old and new form of Tetragrammation.

As a side note ERIS is thus:


217 is the ‘real’ number. 28 is another version of this and 10 and 1 are others. Yet of course a line exists to connect these phenomena for the pneuminous linkage of 28 to 23 on the topological axis.