Getting Closer

Purge continues.


Many kabbalistic terms removed. Deity associations work well as they gather various points as accretions and are more readily intelligible. Colours are better as they no longer make me feel uncomfortable and in fact look very beautiful. All meaning is up for grabs though now. If something isn’t right then what is right will take its place -whatever that means.

New symbols will come…

New accretions will form…



This is looking like a good contender as I can retain all the phonetic ability of the modern alphabet.


The further work to do is to rename the numerical spheres and eventually to combine the existing symbolism in new forms. Clearly severing the accretions properly is an impossibility but an attempt can be made.


But now I see that it’s more complicated, in order to form this accretion I must decide how it should be, whether or not to keep the 22 path model or to go for the 26. I think I have to go for a 26 but then there is the uncomfortable difficulty of either using the model that has no relation to a numerical pattern or one that does have a relation yet creates either too few or too many paths depending one whether you treat zero as an accretive point. Or I can say that the centre point has no effect but then I must lose two letters. This I could do by losing y and c and this looks like it may be an option. Better to do this now than to change all the original letter accretions and then feel uncomfortable about them later.


This might be what we’re looking at. But then there is a lot of unpicking to do and symbolic associations to be forged not least because there are then 4 spaces to be filled previously occupied by planets and astrological signs, that being said there are 4 elements so these could be used for these attributes. ThisĀ is exciting and disturbing in the the amount of work that needs to be done especially considering that some of the harmonies in the previous system were looking quite good and now the accretions will need to be reformed. The great paths of course are still there and there are other paths that can now be formed therein. What is immediately nice in this is that the middle two letters over the zero are N and O i.e. NO! they occupy the position over the nothing. The other two massive paths over it are L and M which make 11 and 12 respectively i.e. 2 and 3.

Things are looking good!