Below is a little simple painting of the system. I like it because its nice and simple and shows something like the right colours.  I’ve been dwelling on the powerful number accretions concerning 23 and 47. I’ve also been thinking that what we must remember when we forge these diagrammatic accretions is that there are more lines that extend outwards. 23 as breaking apart is symbolic of being any path that exits from the discrete system. I think there are 18 exterior links that can be made directly. Probably these need looking at.

2n+1 is interesting when we consider no whole starting point but rather -as in the law of 5s- take 5 or even .5 as the starting point. A half is the beginning? For 2n+1 it must be.








Today is a Death day.

Wear Lilac, Gorse, Laburnum and Herb Robert.



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