Mithras Magpie


Accretions form in multiple linguistic axes and other means. Considering the Mithras line a magpie appeared in my mind, thus it is accreted. It made me think of the german participle of mogen Ich mag. Ich mag pi? I want ‘the ratio of the circumference to the diameter’ Of course you do because it is 22/7 which of course is 4/7 on another axis. I want pie? Pi, makes me think of things related to circles and then I think of an old accretion to something related to this place: Taurus, which leads me to torus, which leads me to donut, and twin peaks. Look at the sigil, everything is connected. That must mean cherry trees are here too…




This day is the day of immanentizing the Eschaton, otherwise known as Eschatology. All agents are counter agents, even when they don’t know it. The apple tree is emblematic to this path which runs from the manifestation of love into the dark earth itself. Magnesium is its metal, and a chicken lives under the apple tree. As related to a fantasy of ultimate demise this is also the home  of the old ones who wish ill against us. Cthulhu can be seen in the symbol, and though this was not intentional it was no doubt deliberately done by those powers which act behind the scenes. This number is 21, being the penultimate in the series.


Today belongs to Mithras, as such we can see a bull. I see it with a field, hornbeam and sycamore make a copse whereas ivy covers the stone wall on the perimeter and spiders hide within the ivy. mithras

This is its sigil. G is its letter and 6 is its number. It is between Chaos and Fate(2 and 5) which the earth result is 7, air 2.5v 0.4, fire 3v-3 water 10.


This is today’s association in the tooth of ‘who?’ There is some kind of scene here though it is dim to me. A holly tree stands on the edge of some kind of wood, in the holly tree is a hawk, in the wild meadow on the edge of the wood is a horse. A tall wooden T stands in the field. The number is 18 which is: earth 9, fire -7v9, air .125v8, water 8. It is a descending part of a great path that begins in Fate, the upper section of it is the embryo or hanged man. These two parts are separated by the unconscious.