Today belongs to Mithras, as such we can see a bull. I see it with a field, hornbeam and sycamore make a copse whereas ivy covers the stone wall on the perimeter and spiders hide within the ivy. mithras

This is its sigil. G is its letter and 6 is its number. It is between Chaos and Fate(2 and 5) which the earth result is 7, air 2.5v 0.4, fire 3v-3 water 10.




Dropping down from the plutonic sirius this thread is tied to it. The wolf here tells us that. Up in the oak tree is a tawney owl and around in the leaf litter is a hedgehog. The letter is D the number is 3.


This is today’s association in the tooth of ‘who?’ There is some kind of scene here though it is dim to me. A holly tree stands on the edge of some kind of wood, in the holly tree is a hawk, in the wild meadow on the edge of the wood is a horse. A tall wooden T stands in the field. The number is 18 which is: earth 9, fire -7v9, air .125v8, water 8. It is a descending part of a great path that begins in Fate, the upper section of it is the embryo or hanged man. These two parts are separated by the unconscious.



This day belongs to twilight or at least this is the accretion we wish to forge. It connects love to the unconsious, that is in that direction -from 8 to 7 (so that would be 15 earth, -1 v 1 fire, 1.142847 v0.875 air and 56 water). Blackbirds dwell here in the blackthorn trees, the aa is threonine. The letter is S actually which shows how badly this process is going as I thought that was Pan but the number is 17.  It forms the lower part of the great path with pneumatology (15) with the unconscious between the two.twlight


Today belongs to Pan in the pneuminous calendar, and to the tooth (and accretion formed along the axis sixteenth, teenth, teeth, tooth, which makes me think of the year as a mouth of teeth) of ‘who’, the second tooth.

Pan runs from will down to intellect or vice versa, I have not securely accreted this flow. Its imagery contains the elder tree and sparrows therein, the amino acid serine. The satyr is nearby. Bryony grows up the elder. Double negation is its inference. The letter is R, the number is 16. Between 6 and 9 its earth (addition relation) is 15, its fire relation is (minus) -3 v 3, its water relation (multiplication) 54 and its air (division) relation 1.5 v .6666666.