Sketches on the great paths


The great paths are those which are formed of not one but two conventional paths. In this way 4 and 7 may be viewed as either generated only from the circuit or as that which generates the circuit. The synchronicitous nature of the shape of the synthesis of the two numbers would suggest a certain reciprocity in this regard.

The circuit of the great paths as such involves two ordinary paths, those of the empress and of the sun (beth and resh) and four great paths. The circuit moves from chaokmah to binah in the empress, the into the lovers (zayin) to lust (teth), lovers and lust in this way though should be perceived together as one great path. This then descends deeper into a path formed of the hanged man (mem) and the chariot (tzaddi) this energy then becomes that of the sun (resh) which now ascends through the tower and art (peh and samekh) which in turn becomes the hermit and then the emporer (yod and heh).

There is a sense here to be unfolded, an accretive tale to dislose, parts of which are obvious and parts of which are not.  The empress clearly is approached by the emperor through chaokmah. The lovers is clearly their love, lust is clearly their lust. This lust reveals the child which is the hanged man suspended in the womb. This child will be the hero of the chariot. The hero is the sun, the christ solar god who comes close to us (the physical sun above malkuth) and offers (in christianity) redemption, but the intensification of the sun is its destruction (the tower) through power (the art); this is the synthesis of these two. These parts of the tale are more opaque. The opacity retreats in the final stage as the hermit masters this power and transforms himself into the emperor who in turn seeks the empress and so on.

The mediating points of the sephiroth themselves must not be forgotten. The emporer is flowing up to create chaokmah, but when this energy emerges is female. It the enters binah and when it leaves it is hermaphroditic and lustful of itself. From fate and destiny emerges the child hero. This bright new energy is the essence of communication and thought, the logos is only possibility under the sun, the sun shows the beings as they are and as we may name them.  Love destroys this principle. Analysis fails, communication at the level of logos is inappropriate for this emotional sphere. The irrational emotion of love is the key to magick. Love here is a creativity. Love is the law love under will. This is gevurah, the sphere of will which bends magick to end. The master of this, the hermit, the ascetic is master and thus becomes emperor.greatpaths

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